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Here are samples of my best work and these are the qualities that I bring to the job:


I am a successful, productive graphic artist and illustrator. Clients, colleagues and coworkers know they have a dependable, creative, cooperative, competent and reliable partner.

Organizational skills

I am a skilled multi-tasker who never misses deadlines. I constantly evaluatd and prioritize current assignments, while anticipating resource requirements for upcoming projects.


I keep current on a wide variety of software applications and continually look for ways to use technology to help make the most of available resources.


I am a good communicator. During the course of assignments, keeps everyone involved apprised of progress and project status, avoiding last minute complications and surprises.


My experience, technological knowledge and communication skills are a resource for coworkers.

Learning skills

I continually strive for self-improvement and I am always open to new ideas.


I love what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I look forward to each new assignment and challenge.

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